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Faith Family Ministries believes in the power of God to change lives, and teaches key principles of faith from the Bible that anyone can apply to their lives. Faith Family Ministries International is a Spirit-filled, multicultural church devoted to reaching the world for Christ. At Faith Family, you will discover biblical teaching and preaching to empower you with relevant and practical information, to prepare you for today’s world

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Our Core Values

United by the grace of God in Christian experience, the members of this church recognize and receive the Bible as the inspired Word of God and agree to accept it as their only rule of faith and practice.  We declare our adherence to the doctrines and teachings of the New Testament and state our purpose values to be threefold:

Missions are accomplished by reaching people with the message of the gospel through worship, witnessing and world involvement.

Maturity at FFMI is encouraged by equipping the people of God to grow into all that God intended them to be, through Bible study, fellowship and service.

Ministry is done by conducting religious education for the training of ministers, evangelists, missionaries, and teachers including other ministries as God call us to do. To spread the Word of God! through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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